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13 votes

Do answers need explanations / does the answerer need to know why it works

11 votes

Are devices considered life hacks?

10 votes

Don't close as a duplicate if the duplicate doesn't work for the OP

9 votes

Remove reputation cap for private beta sites?

8 votes

What is a lifehack?

8 votes

Saving "Lifehacks" — Can we make this a topic space instead of a vague buzzword?

8 votes

Insights: How we evaluate a private beta

7 votes

Time to stop unsubstantiated threats of closure?

7 votes

Close reason request: "See a professional"

6 votes

How can we improve answer quality?

6 votes

Let's think of a creative name for our chatroom

5 votes

Trying to save off-topic questions with a new less-broad question

4 votes

Synonymise [home] and [domestic-hacks]

2 votes

What isn't a lifehack?

-4 votes

What is the goal of this site?

-4 votes

Could we/should we change our site to "Everyday Living"?