Timothy Winters

Born and raised in Northern California.

I'm just an old school geek, who started out way back in the 1980s being a fan of classic Star Trek, Doctor Who, and assorted sci-fi movies. I love Anime, Science Fiction, Horror and good (or bad) Comedy.

I appreciate good beer, good whiskey, and good music. I love Classic Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, some mainstream pop, and a lot more.

I began my sojourn into computers in the 1980s as well, my first being an 8-bit Atari 1200xl (6502 based CPU), teaching myself how to program by typing in program listings from old Compute magazines.

I quickly moved into x86 pcs, and have learned a lot over the years, getting my Bachelor's in programming and my Masters in Information Systems.

Currently I'm working on Android app development.