As the community grows, please don't go making tag synonyms or burning tags without consenting meta unless it's really obvious, but even then it's not a bad decision to ask meta. A lot of the time others can provide good thought and argument that you haven't thought of. Even if they can't provide more argument and agree with you, that's really good ...


It's not a synonym, but I agree we should only use one tag for temperature related questions. Not doing so will allow wild growth of unnecessary tags.


This was initially done because the stationery tag was being misspelled as stationary. I agree that they do not mean the same thing, but just think about it, when would a question on this website really need the stationary tag? Therefore, I think we should keep stationary as a duplicate of stationery.


This makes even more sense given that every question with odor also had the tag smell. Done.


I fully agree with this request. The painting has been merged into paint

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