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For general questions and discussion regarding the site's users and user accounts.

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Celebrating 265 Famous Question badges

More than 10% of our open questions (1,744) are famous questions (265)! That means each of these questions have been seen over 10,000 times each! Some questions have been viewed hundreds of thousands ...
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Is it legit if the autors of the worst received answers vote for close?

My Question is on Hold to close now for "Off-Topic". It has 43 Upvotes, 16 favourites and 20 answers. Before i edited the question one might have thought it could be a question for a mind-hack. So i ...
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Can we agree that product recommendations are NAA's?

In the first Likehacks meta question we agreed that product recommendations, especially those without usage guidance, are off-topic. However, my Not An Answer flags have returned disputed on all of ...
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Are there too many users here?

I already brought this up in the Junk Drawer, though not too much happened from that discussion, so I'll bring it up here. Are there too many users here? I don't have much experience with sites in ...
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Make users with a lot of closed questions reread the "asking in private beta" agreement

Some users (avoiding the "naming and shaming," but I think we all know a couple of users for whom this is the case) here don't seem to understand that the serially low-quality questions they ask need ...
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