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1 answer

The "Question Feed" is broken

I'm not sure if this is just happening to me, but this link: Results in this: Yes, that is exactly how it is displayed.
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Why do questions with answers appear with the Unanswered ones?

While looking for questions to answer, I use the "Unanswered" selection but find questions with answers among them. There are other categories and sorts that don't seem to be working well which is a ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Protected Banner at bottom of Thread

I noticed that the Protection Banner is at the bottom of this post How can I shower without a towel? It appears it is only me. @Michaelpri said that it is correct for him in Chat @Malachi I see ...
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Burn the tag "hygeine" as it is wrongly spelled?

Shouldn't hygeine be burned as it is wrongly spelled? There already does exist another synonym, namely hygiene.
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Question count/average questions per day bug?

I was looking at the site stats today for Lifehacks and I was confused about the question count. It says we have 492 questions, we have been in beta for 79 days (78 according to Area 51), and we have ...
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Downscoring an answer removed a point from me

I did my first down vote on an answer and it removed a point from my reputation. Is this a glitch?
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Bug in vote count?

I tried looking at vote counts for an answer (with a net negative vote count) and for a question with positive votes. Both from the same thread. For the answer I see this: And for the question ...
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