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Should questions which are on topic but whose purpose if off topic be closed?

The purpose of a question can off topic (for example wanting a way to solve a computing problem) while the question itself can be on topic (the person who knows the computing answer can be reached ...
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Are homework questions allowed here?

See for example Need to make an airtight rocket without Glue, Tape, etc. How?. OP even admits they need this "for school", i.e. it's obvious homework. Other sites in Stack Exchange prohibit homework ...
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Are "solutions in search of a problem" on topic for LHSE?

I've seen a couple of questions now, of the format: "I've got a load of old _______ and I wonder; what can I do with them?" Personally, I don't think this is on topic because most of the SE network ...
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Can we agree that product recommendations are NAA's?

In the first Likehacks meta question we agreed that product recommendations, especially those without usage guidance, are off-topic. However, my Not An Answer flags have returned disputed on all of ...
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Are questions about SRS (spaced repetition memorization technology) on-topic?

Spaced repetition is a technique for remembering facts efficiently. Are questions about this technique and its implementation on-topic? For instance: How to split a long text for efficient ...
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11 votes
3 answers

How medical is too medical?

So apparently, we've agreed that medical questions are off-topic here, largely because accuracy matters, and we can't take the responsibility to judge serious medical issues through the SE format -- ...
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How is an answer determined to be on-topic?

Look to this question, How can I not burn my hands in hot water when doing dishes?, for reference. I am having a problem with my question. If you go to the question, you can see that there are quite ...
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2 answers

How do we phrase the clause about illegal activities?

Recently, we got a question asking about How to dispose of dead body quickly?1 I am on the run from the police in my home town of Springhurst, and I need to get rid of the bodies. I only have one, ...
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Should product recommendations be on-topic?

Should product recommendations be on-topic? On SE sites such as Super User, they are off-topic because they tend to become obsolete quickly. However, since this is not technology, that concern isn't ...
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