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You have an idea for a new feature, or for a change to the existing functionality.

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1 answer

Can we ban affiliate links?

I just got a not very useful answer to a question with an Amazon affiliate link to a relevant but very easily found product. That is, the answer would have been just as useful without the link. The ...
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1 answer

Delete tag effiency

There is a tag named effiency (see ) Delete it, yes?
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4 votes
3 answers

should there be a well established criterion for voting a question and an answer?

I was just thinking whether some questions really belongs to a life hack or not. I tried to find the criterion to select whether it belongs to a life hack or not but couldn't find an explanation for ...
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Asymmetry of close voting. Shouldn't the majority decide? Proposal for 'Keep-Open' voting

I have a popular question Best (non-illegal!) ways to inconvenience cold callers? At the time of writing the question itself has 37 up-votes and a great deal of interest. However there are 3 close-...
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-9 votes
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Would a "validate" button be beneficial for the site?

While I am aware that there is obviously the voting system for questions and answers across all the stack exchange sites, I thought having a sort of "validate" button or feature as a sort of "I've ...
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Tag request for glue

I've seen various glues mentioned. There are quite a few different types of liquid bonding agents. Perhaps glue as a tag for an article on super-glue rather than adhesives would be more intuitive ...
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2 answers

Are we running short of questions due to limited scope?

It is been around 35+ days since we are into Beta and I am monitoring/using this site regularly. The average number of questions/day now became 4 and it was above 7 for the first ten days. I could see ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Could we/should we change our site to "Everyday Living"?

Given the (quite understandable) confusion over this site's scope, as well as due to convincing arguments by Gilles, and Jason's and Wipqozn's concerns with regard to low-quality answers by definition,...
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3 answers

Could we get embedded YouTube video?

In one of the SE sites I'm in, YouTube links are automatically converted to embedded YouTube videos in posts. As an example, see this question. Could we get this feature added to Lifehacks? I think ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Make users with a lot of closed questions reread the "asking in private beta" agreement

Some users (avoiding the "naming and shaming," but I think we all know a couple of users for whom this is the case) here don't seem to understand that the serially low-quality questions they ask need ...
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vote early vote often - can we have the voting limit removed for private beta? [duplicate]

I have hit my voting limit (again) and I think there is much more that needs voting. If possible it would be great to have no voting limit for the next week or so, that way whats "good" and "bad" ...
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It doesn't say how to make in-line quotes in the help bar

Yes, it already says how to make blockquotes like this. However, I have noticed the lack of help how to make in-line quotes like this. If you are wondering what the help bar is, it is the "How to ...
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