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Questions and discussion regarding the finding and handling of duplicate posts.

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Searching For Duplicates On Mobile

The mobile app doesn't make it easy to search for duplicates (compared to desktop site). Is it still advisable or nessesary to do so before asking a question? My thinking is only if it seems like a ...
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Why was this question about USB ports closed as a duplicate of a newer question?

The question Correctly inserting a USB connector on the first try, was asked about a week ago, and it is a duplicate of the earlier question How can I make sure I get the USB plug in the right way up?....
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Don't close as a duplicate if the duplicate doesn't work for the OP

This question: How can I add new keys to a keyring without hurting my fingernails? Has been closed as a duplicate of this: How can I (painlessly) add/remove keys to my key ring? Now from the ...
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