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The scope of Lifehacks

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that this site is struggling. The problem: In the few days this site has been in private beta, we've been trying to: Figure out if there's anything that ...
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Close reason request: "See a professional"

In some areas, medical being a good example, people may ask for help related to an issue or idea that has the potential to be dangerous, or even life-threatening. I propose the following close reason ...
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Redefining the scope of Lifehacks

From some of the earliest days of Lifehacks SE, we have been trying to define the scope of Lifehacks. We knew we would run into problems as we were different from the typical SE site. We've asked ...
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Should answers contain multiple solutions?

Some users post a dump of solutions in one answer, and other users who post multiple answers to a question, each containing only one solution. Which is better for the site?
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Time to take a step back from multiple answer criticism

I've noticed a few times now that people are enforcing (probably too much) the apparent policy about one answer per post. Here are a couple of examples: How to write in a straight line without lined ...
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This finger eating question shouldn't be community wiki

So this question seems to be having all it's answers merged into one gian community wiki: How can I neatly eat messy food without "common" utensils? As outlined Death to Community wiki, CW ...
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Are questions about doing something cheaper on topic?

I was watching a show called Hacking the System on Nat Geo and the episode that was on was about saving money. Almost all of the hacks in the episode would not be on-topic here, but the show still led ...
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It's Not a Life Hack Because Lifehacks Manifesto

I ran across the Lifehacks question How do I get rid of feet blisters? and thought it was odd that it was closed. One reason given is there is simply nothing about this question that needs "thinking ...
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Should I post an answer that is (in my opinion) useful but not necessarily a hack?

If I come across a question that I have what I think/hope is a useful answer but not necessarily a life hack, should I post it? I'm asking because I came across this question, and posted what I ...
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Should we be voting to close questions that don't appear to have a hack answer?

I've seen a couple of times now, questions being voted to be closed because the voters do no believe there to be a 'life hack' solution to the question. A recent example is here - How to determine if ...
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Why is our definition of "lifehack" so obscure?

I discovered Lifehacks a few weeks ago and loved the idea. I posted a question, started to tell a friend about it, and then my first question got closed as "off-topic". ...I decided not to tell my ...
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The UN-MANIFESTO (commentary about the Lifehack site and how we got here)

I recently posted A Lifehacks Manifesto, but I wanted to post this commentary separately to keep that introduction free of the historical baggage about how we got here. Building a Lifehacks site is ...
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Dispute About Thread Closing

This thread was closed: And I don't understand why. I took a look at the Lifehacks Manifesto, but that only served to ...
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How can I verify the weight of seafood when ordering takeaway from restaurants?

Why was How can I verify the weight of seafood when ordering takeaway from restaurants? closed? food - How can I verify the weight of seafood when ordering takeaway from restaurants? - Lifehacks ...
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What is the easiest way to find the scope of Lifehack site?

Sometimes when someone have off topic question and I want to send him a link to the page with Life-hack's scope, it is hard for me to find it. There is no link on visible place where everyone can ...
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