Something has happened on StackExchange that has rendered it unresponsive.
I can read but cannot up- or down- vote, comment, or question.
What do I do? The whole thing fell apart on midnight Feb 28.
I had to jump through hoops to post this.

Update: NOPE. You're misinformed. Still not able to comment, vote, or answer. Can only edit some existing posts such as this one NOW.

Update: It's happened again. Today, I cannot operate the site normally. Problem with title bar icon links take me everywhere but to the proper link.

Where can I find out more?

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You seem to be back up and running now.

During SE site maintenance, the site goes read-only and will exhibit the symptoms you describe. However, the last SE maintenance downtime that I know of was 19 Feb. There may still have been something like that to cause the issue.

  • 14 April - I can now comment and the functionality of the site has been restored insofar as I can determine today. How (and/or where) can one find out what happened and then what happened? Please edit that into your answer.
    – Stan
    Apr 14, 2022 at 18:20

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