I've started reading JAMES CLEAR - ATOMIC HABITS, he talks about creating systems that makes habits easier. e.g. putting a glass of water next to your bed will make it easier to getting into the habit of drinking water each morning.

I"m wondering if life hacks are considered systems too? i really hope i'm in the right place. if i am how should the questions be phrased. If this isn't the place can someone point me to

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  • Welcome! Here, these “systems” would probably be seen as “mind hacks”, which are explicitly not what we deal with here. If you are looking for ideas how to put a bandaid on your back or to temporarily darken a room while traveling - this is the place. That said, if you have questions about a site’s scope, ask on [meta], which deals with that. As it stands, your post isn’t a question about a life hack and will therefore be either moved to Meta or simply closed. Please take the tour and browse through the help center to learn more about how the site works. – Stephie May 14 at 9:23
  • Lifehacks call for systems adulteration. It is the innovation of an existing system to accomplish the aim of a different system, or lack of one. I would also suggest this better belongs on a discussion site. I feel that the book title is a 'buzz' word for exercising "anticipation." – Stan May 16 at 13:36
  • @Stephie - got me curious now; what's the hack for darkening a room while travelling? I always thought the simplest route was to paint black makeup on closed eyelids... – Caius Jard May 20 at 16:10
  • @CaiusJard don’t tell me we don’t have this question already?!? Dang, then I must have seen it on Parenting SE. – Stephie May 20 at 16:44
  • Must be a different thing; no-one on Parenting.SE gets any sleep, hacked or otherwise ;) – Caius Jard May 20 at 17:09

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