Deletion #1

How can I use my 60K-lumen flashlight to illuminate hinter-land ahead? has one great answer! If deleted, how can others learn it? Feels like a waste. Can you pls undelete?

I want remove flashlight's name, but I can't now because post's locked.

Deletion makes me sad and teary. I put many effort. 😢

Deletion #2

Why did moderator alone delete How can I tie my flashlight to car's passenger side mirror?

While this may not be spam, cross-posting is not appreciated at SE. – Chenmunka♦ yesterday

I didn't cross-post, after re-posting it here.


For the same reason it got delete on The Great Outdoors


It was closed as spam - we are very strict about self-promotion, promotion or astroturfing on Stack Exchange. Your post was made on various sites, and appears to be a thinly veiled advertisement.


When you post a question, don't mention any product brands unless they are absolutely necessary to answer the question. I'm sure no one would have marked your question as "spam" if you just asked how to attach a flashlight to the side-view mirror of a car. If you start mentioning brand names and models, then everyone thinks it's just an advertisement.


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