E.g. Someone tried to build this DIY - https://diy.stackexchange.com/questions/89864/diy-dip-station

  • Because they count it as Hobby, and not Home Improvement (Is not exercise just as important at a Desk for work or a Bath for hygiene?).

  • Fitness SE also doesn't want it.

In my case, there's a much smaller Hand Held item I'd like to replicate;

  • It seems more life hack-ish,
  • I already have some ideas & solutions and "parts" on the subject.
  • I was hoping some answers ideas to complement or share alternatives to my Hacks

Could it be posted on Life hack?

Item to DIY: https://imgur.com/a/oJX5Q5A

I'll write up some of my ideas with question if its allowed.

Would something in DIY make of store bought item count as Life Hack valid?


There exists the tag which is used for hacks that replace tools with something home-made.

You would have to justify that the indian clubs in your picture are tools. Simply asking "How do I make a club?" would almost certainly be closed as off-topic - not requiring a life-hack. However, "*How do I make a tool to get fitter?", along with reasoning in the question body stands a good chance of being accepted.

You can but try.

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