More than 10% of our open questions (1,744) are famous questions (265)! That means each of these questions have been seen over 10,000 times each! Some questions have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, such as How to sleep with a stuffy / blocked nose? which has exceeded half a million.

From us moderators to all, thank you!

Answers on this question may include other interesting statistics that you think make Lifehacks especially useful!

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I'm pretty impressed by the fact that the number of unique users who have posted an answer is more than double the number of unique users who have asked a question (Check it out!)

It's very promising to see that Lifehacks SE is filled with so many people wanting give answers, not just get answers!

(At the time of posting this, there were 1097 Askers and 2362 Answerers, with an intersection of 372 users)

  • That's great, thank you!
    – Mooseman
    Jun 17, 2018 at 1:04

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