For example, if I were to ask:

What is cheapest way to get the new [movie] that recently came out?

The possible answer would be to download it from a website using a certain software, even though that is illegal in my area.

I could also ask about doing things which are probably even more frowned on, but more life-hacky because its not a common solution (where the problem is cost)

What is the cheapest possible way to get cable? Is it possible for me to turn on my cable for free, and how do I do it without special tools?

I'm sure there are other hacks that people may be able to come up with which are illegal, but could be considered a life-hack way to achieve a goal. Are these questions able to asked? Are we able to give a potentially illegal answer if the legal alternatives don't satisfy the goal as easily?

I think there should obviously be some limit. Are questions about doing something cheaper on topic? - otherwise all these could be answered as, "find a way to steal it."

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This is partially covered on a Meta Stack Exchange FAQ Question:

[A]s not all people on SE are from the same country and laws can be very diverse. I would comment on the answer that it breaks these [laws] in [country].

For Lifehacks, specifically, I encourage the downvote of answers that use thievery as a method. Flagging these as VLQ is also helpful.

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