It is been around 35+ days since we are into Beta and I am monitoring/using this site regularly. The average number of questions/day now became 4 and it was above 7 for the first ten days. I could see the drastic reduction in new incoming questions.

We have good answer ratio(>3.0) and 99% of questions at least have an answer. So I could assume we are ready to give answer for new questions. Since there is no inflow, I feel momentum is stopped. I feel this is not a good sign considering long term and graduation.

Do we need to extend our scope which includes other areas? If Yes, what topics we should include into scope?

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Our scope is already broad enough, not to mention not really well defined. The lack of questions is probably just due to a low user count. So no, we don't want to broaden the scope. What we need to do is better define our scope, not increase it.


This evolution is very typical for a beta site — see What is the typical growth pattern of a new beta site in the first few weeks? on the main Stack Exchange meta. During the first couple of weeks, lots of people come with the questions they'd kept pent up for months. Then a bunch of them drift away, others stay around waiting for questions to answer. Growing the site takes a long time of attracting new users.

The activity during Lifehacks's first month was a lot higher than the average beta. There is no worry of Lifehacks running out of questions. If you compare with other sites, 4 questions per day is more than the slowest graduated sites and about median for a beta site, including betas that have been around for years. Some slower but viable sites get less than one question per day; that's ok if there's an engaged community producing quality content.

Lifehacks does not show any sign of running out of questions. Our major concern is the major disagreements over the site's scope.

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