As long as the question is not asking for a product recommendation that is.

I forgot my toothpaste and it is impossible to buy in this situation, are there any substitutes?

Is there any way to kill a fly without a flyswatter?

The idea is that they're looking for the same result they would get by using a product, just without a product. It seems to me like that would count as asking for a lifehack, or should they be off-topic?

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Yes, they should be on topic

The mentioned situation fits the definition of a lifehack:

A lifehack is a technique that can be implemented quickly and is used to make one's physical life more efficient when a more standard approach (as defined by that area's experts) or a product is either unavailable or undesirable. Lifehacks are creative, meaning they use materials that are on hand for uses besides their intended use. - Our lifehack defintion

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